Clinical Applications: Sepsis

Central role of NETs in sepsis and septic shock

Image source: Infographic designed by Reciprocal Space


Sepsis and Septic Shock: Preclinical Studies

Sepsis is a life-threatening organ dysfunction due to a dysregulated host response to infection. In 2017 there were 48.9 million cases and 11 million sepsis-related deaths worldwide, which accounted for almost 20% of all global deaths. There is a lack of effective therapies for sepsis. Santersus first-in-human clinical exploratory studies in sepsis patients have confirmed NucleoCapture is extremely potent in removing NETs from blood with clinical benefit to patients.

Our preclincal studies of large animals with septic shock have confirmed that the removal of NETs with NucleoCapture lead to significant improvements in hemodynamic status and shock resolution.

Santersus AG has been granted Breakthrough Devices program for this indication from Q1 2022 by the FDA (The United States Food and Drug Administration).

The Breakthrough Devices Program is a voluntary program for certain medical devices and device-led combination products that provide for more effective treatment or diagnosis of life- threatening or irreversibly debilitating diseases or conditions.

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