Santersus AG presented at NHSBT Joint Congress, held by British Transplantation Society

In the beginning of March, Dr Fungai Dengu (DPhil, PhD Candidate, Transplant Surgery, University of Oxford) represented Santersus AG at BTS conference, held in Edinburgh where he presented a recent Santersus study, aimed to investigate the effect of removal of NETs on reduction of ex-situ reperfusion injury in porcine DCD livers preserved with normothermic machine perfusion (NMP).

The study concluded that NucleoCapture was able to effectively remove circulating nucleosomes/NETs from the perfusate during NMP, improving graft function and mitigating ERI. This also showed that application of this novel technology during NMP of DCD and extended criteria donor livers could reduce organ discard due to poor function ex-situ and be pivotal in organ optimisation for transplantation.

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